A24 Group Gender Pay Report

New regulations were introduced in 2017 (Equality Act 2010 -Gender Pay Gap Information) which mean that employers are required to report on a number of different statistical measures of gender pay on the snapshot date of 5th April each year for non-public sector employers with more than 250 employees and agency workers.

The gender pay gap is a high level snap shot of pay in an organisation that shows the difference in average pay between men and women .

The information below shows the median and mean gender pay gap and bonus pay gap for A24 Group Limited based on hourly rates of pay as at the snapshot date of 5 April 2017, and bonuses paid in the year to 5 April 2017.



The regulations require us to report the difference between the mean hourly rate of men compared to the mean hourly rate of women, expressed as a percentage of the men’s figure. Our mean women’s hourly pay is 11.14% higher than the mean men’s hourly pay.



The regulations require us to report the difference between the median hourly rate for men compared to the median hourly rate for women, expressed as a percentage of the men’s figure. So this will be the middle value of a list of numbers for each gender. Our median women’s hourly pay is 12.63% higher than men’s hourly pay


Pay quartiles

All rates of pay are placed into a list in order of value and the list is divided into four equal sections (quartiles). Each quartile will contain the same number of individuals. The regulations require us to report how many men and how many women are in each pay quartile, expressed as a percentage within each quartile.

Women Men
Top Quartile 76.75% 23.25%
Upper Middle Quartile 68.79% 31.21%
Lower Middle Quartile 64.65% 35.35%
Lower Quartile 63.38% 36.62%


The regulations also require us to publish the same measures as above on bonus (including commission) payments.


Our figures:

What percentage of men and women who received a bonus:

Male | 3.27%

Female | 2.33%

Women’s mean bonus pay is 36% higher than men’s

Women’s median bonus pay is 55% higher than men’s


On the snapshot date 68% of our staff were female. The above percentages would appear to reflect the preponderance of female workers in our industry (NMC reports only 11.4 % of registered nurses in the UK were male (source-The Guardian 1st March 2017). These statistics mean that as a recruitment agency placing healthcare workers on an equal opportunity basis we are unable to have a significant impact on closing gender pay gaps. We can confirm however that male and female employees are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs.

I have reviewed the information and am confident in its accuracy and completeness.


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