New Careers in the Care Services for Returning Mothers

There are new opportunities for returning workers in the care services says Ambition 24hours, responding to the plan by the government work and pensions secretary for the return to work of lone parents with children, announced in a recent white paper.

There is a critical shortage of temporary care assistants in care homes nationwide. It is a career that can offer an ideal opportunity for many parents returning to work, as jobs are usually available locally, and you can often work the hours to suit your family and other commitments. It is possible to return to work after around three months, once training and CRB and other credentials checks are completed.

Lone parents with children as young as three will have to prepare for work and face sanctions if they do not follow an agreed plan, work and pensions secretary James Purnell has said. Currently, single parents are no longer able to claim income support after their youngest child turns 12 years of age. Parents instead have to pursue employment and claim Jobseeker’s Allowance. From 2010, the rule will take effect from when the youngest is seven.

Ambition 24hours organises courses nationwide for people who wish to train as a healthcare assistant and work in a care home or other care setting. This includes three-day classroom training, as well as 30 hours work experience to enable the individual to put the theory into practice. Upon completion of satisfactory work experience, theory reports and written references the candidate is eligible for work with Ambition 24hours on a temporary or permanent staffing basis.

The three-day course for care assistants costs £160. It comprises the following modules: the role of the care assistant; dress code; communication; patient hygiene; hand washing; mouth care; pressure area care; infection control; health and safety; fire safety; bed making; food and hygiene; nutrition; moving and handling; emergency first aid and basic life support; incontinence; administration; protection of vulnerable adults and children; policies and procedures.

For further details of training as a care assistant with Ambition 24hours

Published on by Kevin Kroese.

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